Stan Patyrak :: Who manages a water supply after it’s been established?

  • Who is going to keep an eye on a well after it’s been dug? Who decides how water is handed? Who maintains and secures the equipment? “That’s one of the most complicated issues in the water sector,” according to Stan Patyrak, Senior Director of Partnerships for Living Water International. In an ideal world, of course someone should always be safeguarding the water system, and Living Water tries to establish and maintain local contacts in every region in which it works.

    But even when a local community or church or committee is empowered to oversee the water system, things still go wrong. “Where we’re moving to is honestly more formal contracts with communities, where there’s paper and agreements, and they have a plan in place that they’re sharing before we ever intervene with the water system.”

    From The Justice Conference 2012.



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