Stan Patyrak :: How much does a well cost, and how many people does it serve?

  • “There’s a range of costs,” says Stan Patyrak, Senior Director of Partnerships for Living Water International. “Generally our costs in Central American and India are around $5,000. Now once we jump over to Uganda, Rwanda we’re talking $12,000 to $15,000. And then Kenya takes the cake.” Geology, global and local economy, government regulations and cost of materials all factor into the costs of a well. Repair is a fairly more consistent number: “Our organization cost averages around $3,000 to rehabilitate an existing hand pump.”

    While there are communities of 1,000 using one well, it isn’t really accurate to say that one well serves a thousand people. “When we define water access now, the whole sector is defining it as a thirty minute round trip…twenty liters a day.” If water is available, but it’s hard to get to or requires standing in long lines and fighting for your turn in the queue, the well hasn’t really met the needs of the community yet.

    From The Justice Conference 2012.



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