Keith Wright

  • Keith is the International President of Food for the Hungry, a Christian international relief and development organization serving the most vulnerable in 26 countries. Keith has more than 20 years of innovative relief and development leadership and implementation experience in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the US. For 11 of these years Keith has lived in Africa. Keith is passionate about finding solutions to the world’s most serious problems by pursuing not-for-profit and for-profit innovations that tap the emerging strengths of the Global South. Keith has a Master of Science degree in Economic Development from Eastern University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Mary Washington.

    Keith and his wife Heidi have four children — Denton, Fraser, Brody, and Fiona — and love being a part of the Bend, Oregon community. When not working or traveling Keith can be found fly-fishing in one of Central Oregon’s many beautiful rivers.

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    What is the for-profit business Food for the Hungry just launched?
    “[For-profit business] is a trend in the sense that that’s where doing good is going,” according to Keith Wright, International President of Food for the Hungry. For-profit relief work attracts investors that wouldn’t otherwise engage with local poverty and allows local people to plug into the vitality of young economies and benefit from them. Despite the trend toward for-profits, micro-finance remains a powerful tool for fighting poverty.
    In what ways does Africa surpass the West?
    “The [African] worldview is that life is fundamentally hard,” according to Keith Wright, International President of Food for the Hungry. Years of hardship and extreme poverty has taught the people of Africa never to take anything for granted, in contrast to the way prosperity often blinds Americans to their blessings.
    On the Kony 2012 Video
    Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video (watch below) about Joseph Kony and his army of rebels and child soldiers has sparked a lot of controversy recently. Keith Wright, International President of Food for the Hungry, attempts to balance the conversation: “It’s a personal issue for me…I’ve been on the wrong end of some of his AK-47′s.”

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