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  • Jim MartinJim Martin serves as Vice President of Church Mobilization for International Justice Mission – a human rights agency that protects poor people from violence. In sixteen field offices around the world, IJM investigators, lawyers and aftercare professionals work closely with local governments to bring rescue to victims of slavery, sex trafficking, police abuse and other forms of violent oppression. IJM seeks to bring rescue and restoration to victims and accountability to perpetrators, and to ensure that public justice systems keep the poor safe from violence.

    Jim joined IJM in 2008. He leads a team to educate and equip churches to answer the biblical call to seek justice for the poor and oppressed around the world. Jim travels frequently to speak at churches, missions events and various conferences. He has provided training for pastors and lay leaders in Honduras and Peru. His book, The Just Church – a practical guide for life-giving justice ministry – was released by Tyndale in October 2012.

    Jim is a pastor who began his career as a junior high teacher in the inner city. After four years of teaching, Jim and his wife discerned the call of God to join the staff of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at their alma mater, the University of Massachusetts.

    In 1999, friends from San Jose, California, recruited Jim to join the pastoral staff of a new church plant there. He brought a bold vision for service and became the Pastor of Compassion Ministries for The River Church, leading the congregation down an innovative path of discipleship, designed to bring them closer to the global poor. Jim began a robust global missions program, sending out upwards of 25 percent of the congregation every year, with the goal of helping church-goers in the United States learn to identify with the poor, so that they would better engage and serve the poor in their own communities.

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    Jim Martin :: How can Americans avoid having a savior complex?How can Americans avoid having a savior complex?

    The savior complex “keeps [victims] at a distance,” explains Jim Martin, Vice President of Church Mobilization at The International Justice Mission. “It’s this emotional protection that we afford ourselves.” When we understand why we have a tendency to have a savior complex, we can fight the impulse. And to fight this impulse is as easy, and hard, as embracing the pain and giving it to God. “We are in it to engage this suffering in a real way.”

    Jim Martin :: Can evangelical and mainline churches collaborate to work for justice?Can evangelical and mainline churches collaborate to work for justice?

    “The mission of justice is actually quite a uniting thing,” observes Jim Martin, Vice President of Church Mobilization at The International Justice Mission. Justice brings those of different denominations and religions together in an amazing way. “This call to the work for justice is actually uniting people . . . who are starting to see one another as brothers and sisters in Christ in a way that is both hopeful and wonderful.”

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