Dr. Ken Hutcherson

  • Ken Hutcherson left an award-winning professional football career in 1977, due to a knee injury, and took with him a no-nonsense attitude and an intense drive to communicate the gospel. As a Dallas Cowboy, a San Diego Charger, and, finally, a Seattle Seahawk, he had pursued a life of athletic discipline. Translating this into the spiritual realm, “Hutch” applied himself vigorously to the study of the Bible under Howard Hendricks, Tim LaHaye, and Wilbur J. Antisdale, who had instructed him within Pro Athletes Outreach.

    Setting his sights on ministry, Hutch served eight years as director of high school ministries at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, Washington. In 1984, he started Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington, along with Mark Webster and Dwight Englund. Hutcherson accepted the position of senior pastor in 1985 and was ordained in 1986.

    Throughout his career Ken Hutcherson has been a tremendously popular speaker – sharing his faith at churches, conferences, retreats, outreach programs, as a three-time special guest speaker on the Billy Graham Crusade team, and at PAO.

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    Give Thanks in Everything
    “What does everything mean? It means everything!” says Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Author and Pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Washington. “God has never asked me to be happy…God has asked me to give thanks.” Being intentional about gratitude allows the Holy Spirit to actually make us grateful in the midst of suffering. “When I give thanks, I am telling him I trust him.”
    What does the Bible have to say about music?
    “Biblically, there’s nothing,” says Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Author and Pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Washington. Over time, culture seeps into the church and we begin to think that certain musical styles are more ‘spiritual’ or ‘godly’ than others. “Traditionally, it has grown up that in this culture this [particular style] is spiritual, and anything else isn’t. And tradition has moved into the church to the point of making it theology, when the bible doesn’t.”

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