Dr. Maddy Delone

  • Maddy deLone became the Executive Director of the Innocence Project in March, 2004.

    Before joining the Innocence Project, Ms. deLone was an attorney with the Prisoners’ Rights Project of the Legal Aid Society, a Skadden Fellow and staff attorney with Children’s Rights, Inc., and a law clerk to the Honorable Robert W. Sweet. Prior to becoming a lawyer, she held various administrative and policy positions in New York City involving juvenile justice, public health, and the City jails. She is the editor of the American Public Health Association’s Standards for Health Services in Correctional Institutions (3rd ed).

    Ms. deLone is a graduate of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges, holds a Masters in Health Policy and Management from the Harvard School of Public Health and is a graduate of New York University School of Law, where she was an Arthur Garfield Hays Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Fellow.

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    Should our justice system be exported to other countries?
    Some people claim the U.S. has the greatest justice system in the world and are actively pursuing the exportation of our system to other countries. But given its flaws, is that wise? “I guess I would say be very careful,” says Dr. Maddy deLone, Executive Director of The Innocence Project. “Don’t be too arrogant.” We need to remember not to create a false “us vs. them” dichotomy and separate ourselves from criminal justice… ”we’re a collective community.”
    On the Prison Industrial Complex
    “Certainly the prison is big business in this country these days,” says Dr. Maddy deLone, Executive Director of The Innocence Project. “We lock up more people in absolute number or as a percentage of our population than any other country in the world.” Sometimes the New York prison system is defended because it creates so many jobs, but “the jobs of the rural New York community cannot be at the expense of the freedom of the people of color who come from the city.”

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