Bo Stern

  • Bo Stern is the Pastor of Life Groups and Interns at Westside Church in Bend, OR. She describes herself as a reluctant expert in growing-through-suffering. She has a book called Beautiful Battlefields that centers on the concept that not only does growth happen in suffering, but some growth can ONLY happen through suffering. Read her full description of herself below.

    I am:

    • A Wife to Steve Stern, and this is the joy of my life.
    • A mom of three amazing daughters – Whitney, Tori & Tess as well as my only begotten son, Josiah. Whitney is married to Corey who is a huge blessing to our family (and Whit likes him a lot as well).
    • A pastor at Westside Church in Bend, Oregon. It’s a place I love dearly and it’s been a joy to serve on staff there for eight years. To discover more about the church I call home, just jump on the information superhighway and take a sharp left at
    • A pretend chef.
    • Pretty sure that there will be Food Network in heaven.
    • A political news junkie (it’s an affliction).

    I am not:

    • Tall.
    • A professional stuntwoman.
    • Ready to slow down yet.
    • A vegetarian.

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    Featured Videos

    Does God use suffering to disciple us?
    “Growing through suffering is one of the most important resources that we can develop in our lives,” according to Bo Stern, Pastor of Interns and Life Groups at Westside Church in Bend, OR. “I used to have this theology that said God can do good things through suffering…but my theology has changed in the last 18 months, and now it is: there are some good things that God can only do through suffering.”
    Advice to Newlyweds
    “Authentic is always right. And real: it works,” says Bo Stern, Pastor of Interns and Life Groups at Westside Church in Bend, OR. “Don’t be afraid of hard conversations.” Learning to communicate feelings and to disagree in a healthy way is essential to the integrity of a marriage. “Get really good at honest conversations really soon.”
    How can we encourage people to live well?
    “One thing that I think is really important is that we demonstrate a life that’s lived on purpose,” says Bo Stern, Pastor of Interns and Life Groups at Westside Church in Bend, OR. “How can you be involved in what God is doing in your story?” While every person is accountable to God for their own decisions, the best thing we can do for our friends and family to encourage them to live well is to model the excitement and vitality that comes when we live well.

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