Belinda Bauman

  • BelindaBelinda Bauman is teacher, speaker and writer, wife and mother, and advocate. She is currently helpingdirect the work of Ten For Congo, a fundraising initiative to support the thousands of women and girls brutally raped during Congo’s ongoing civil war, and is writing a book series that helps children understand conflict areas of the world and the hope of peace. In the final stages of a Master’s in Education, she hopes to use a decade of war-zone experience and formal education to promote the power of peace education andcapacity building in conflict areas. Through her life’s work, she seeks to bring justice into the dark corners of the world. Belinda and her husband, Stephan, have two very active boys and do life in occasionally in Baltimore, MD when not traversing the globe.

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    Belinda Bauman :: How should we teach justice?Belinda Bauman :: How should we teach justice?

    “We like to isolate our topic,” says Belinda Bauman, Teacher, Speaker, Writer & Co-founder of Ten for Congo. Unfortunately, zooming in too closely on a topic can give us a narrow view of big ideas like justice. “Justice is meant to be taught as a whole, not just as a topic.”

    Belinda Bauman :: Why is education important in justice?Belinda Bauman :: Why is education important in justice?

    “We need your soul to flourish alongside of your specialty, so that you can become a whole person,” says Belinda Bauman, Founding Member of Ten For Congo. In the academic world, we can specialize in something or pursue a broad education, which according to Belinda is necessary for the ‘flourishing of the soul’. Although specialties are important, do not let your specialty keep you from flourishing.