Rick Gerhardt & Tom Rowley :: Why has the church often ignored the environment?

  • Why has the church abdicated its role in creation care? “The earth is God’s creation,” says Rick Gerhardt, Biologist and Christian Apologist, “and as the ones who claim to love God, why wouldn’t we love what He loves – which includes creation?”

    The church tends to be divided into liberal and conservative political sides. Because the vocal proponents of environmentalism are usually liberals, talking about creation care within the church can be very difficult. Tom Rowley, Executive Director of A Rocha USA, says, “The church has inherited a platonic dualism…an idea that the soul is all that counts. That’s all that’s sacred, and the material world is evil.” Together, the political climate and the devaluing of the material world keep the church distracted and unable to have a healthy conversation about creation care.



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