Rick Gerhardt :: On Richard Dawkins’s Giraffe Dissection

  • (Watch Dawkins’s Video Below)

    In 2010, Richard Dawkins, Atheist and Scientific Theorist, released a YouTube video (watch below) in which he and some other scientists dissect a giraffe. The point of the dissection is to trace the path of the laryngeal nerve, which travels from the giraffe’s brain all the way down its neck and then loops back up almost the entire length of the neck to reach the giraffe’s larynx (as it does in most mammals, including humans).

    Since the larynx and brain are less than a foot away from each other, it seems rather wasteful if not nonsensical that the nerve travels the entire length of the giraffe’s neck twice to reach its destination. Dawkins’s claim is that the laryngeal nerve is an example of poor design in the mammalian nervous system, therefore the giraffe is clearly not the result of intelligent design.

    “It’s not an argument,” says Rick Gerhardt, Biologist and Christian Apologist. “He doesn’t carefully lay out premises and come to a conclusion.” There are several problems with Dawkins’s claim in this video, including the fact that his claim is a non sequitur. In other words, even if his claim that the laryngeal nerve is poorly designed is true, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it wasn’t designed at all. “He’s really just stating opinion.”

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