Richard Twiss :: Are missions trips to reservations a waste of time? (strong language)

  • *Warning: this video contains strong language.

    “Don’t go to the res unless you’re willing to go back three consecutive years with the same family or the same community, so you give genuine friendships a realistic opportunity to form,” says Dr. Richard Twiss, Author and President of Wiconi International. So many Christians visit the Rosebud Indian Reservation to do short-term missions work, that sometimes the missions workers outnumber the local population. But despite the heavy Christian presence, the reservation has been plagued by teen suicide, crime, rising high school dropout rates and other problems.

    The Reservation doesn’t need more drop-ins to help with building churches and painting houses…it needs people that are willing to take the necessary time to build authentic, long-lasting relationships. “Don’t come to our reservations and paint our damn church buildings anymore.”



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