Melissa McCreery :: How should a college advertise in today’s culture?

  • “I think colleges have to sell the experience,” says Melissa McCreery, Vice President of Development at Kilns College in Bend, OR. Some people argue that college has been rendered obsolete by the internet, but while the internet is informative, it cannot train people to think or discern. “A true education helps you develop those skills that help you decipher real information from what’s not real, what’s propaganda or someone’s opinion.” Finally, a college is a community where students and professors pursue knowledge and truth together, not alone in one’s pajamas in front of a computer. “Most people don’t like doing things alone…a lot of people like the experience. If colleges can sell that experience…I think there’s a lot of value in that.”

    From The Justice Conference 2012.

    Melissa McCreery :: How should a college advertise in today's culture?



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