Matthew Soerens :: Who are the opponents of Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

  • “They’re very passionate people, very creative people…we’re not always,” says Matthew Soerens, Author and World Relief Immigration and Refugee Expert. While there is a small minority that really hate and fear immigrants, the majority of the passionate opponents of Comprehensive Immigration are simply unaware of the complexity of immigration issues. “What’s more common is people who just are really confused about this, who don’t hate immigrants, who really believe that they’re only against illegal immigration, not legal immigration.”

    Many of the organizations that mobilize people against immigration are not only against illegal immigration, but are in favor of drastically limiting legal immigration as well as a way of controlling population growth in the U.S. “Most of the people making the phone calls don’t agree with that, but they don’t know where they’re getting their information.”

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    From The Justice Conference 2012.



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