Maddy deLone :: Has the Innocence Project tried to help anyone who turned out to be guilty?

  • “We’ve taken on a lot of people who were guilty, or at least the evidence was consistent with their guilt,” says Dr. Maddy deLone, Executive Director of The Innocence Project. Potential candidates have to have a claim of innocence; there has to be potential that they are innocent; and DNA testing would have to be able to prove the claim. The Innocence Project has learned not to trust their instinct or the tone of the evidence, because too often apparently rock solid cases have been overturned after DNA testing.

    Once DNA testing has connected the crime back to the prisoner, the Innocence Project typically ceases representation, though occasionally they continue to represent a client after discovering that DNA evidence has been destroyed, simply because they’ve discovered other evidence during their investigation. “Certainly we have a lot of people who have committed the crime.”

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    From The Justice Conference 2012.



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