Luke Hendrix :: On Demonstrating an Active Faith to Your Children

  • “Many try to pass on the faith to the next generation, and it doesn’t work all the time,” says Luke Hendrix, Executive Pastor of Imago Dei Community in Portland, OR. “There are still children that will grow-up and walk away from the faith.” Within these ‘behind the wall’ conversations with our children it is important that instead of addressing how we live a Christian life, we should focus on why we live a Christian life.

    “God is not afraid of doubt, and as parents we shouldn’t be either. But if your children have doubts about the Christian faith, it’s good for us to enter in.” Can you control whether your children will be godly? No. As parents, what can be controlled is whether or not you boldly walk in faith. “Active faith seems to be the most transformative thing that we can give our children.” It is also important for our children to see that we believe the gospel, and that we are accepting God’s forgiveness rather than seeking consolation.



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