Luke Hendrix :: On defending Christianity

  • “Some of us will indeed be very good at it, others of us won’t. The challenge is to say ‘I’m actually going to be attentive to the language of the dominant culture,” says Luke Hendrix, Executive Pastor at Imago Dei Community in Portland, OR. Often times when our faith is challenged against another world view, we as Christians may feel the pressure to want to defend. Conversations will arise where someone may present the dominant cultures view either by way of question or statement, the goal is to engage the conversation rather than become defensive.

    “Now, I would say that generally speaking, when we enter into those kinds of conversations and someone is taking a shot [at Christianity] than there is some sort of insecurity.” Others may be more gifted than others in speaking both a human language and God’s language and have prepared their minds to engage in conversations such as these. “For the average person, we’re basically just asking if we can see this person as a human being and understand their need.”



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