Luke Hendrix :: On American culture invading the church’s culture

  • “The church must always retain those things that are primary and essential to the Christian faith,” says Luke Hendrix, Executive Pastor at Imago Dei Community in Portland, OR. “Having an understanding and leadership at a church that’s focused on those things is really crucial.” Those outside of our faith may ask ‘what’ it is that we as Christians are trying to achieve. Rather than asking ‘what’ or answering with ‘how’, instead it’s leadership’s responsibility to answer with ‘why’.

    “Knowing why we do what we do is really crucial. Reformers used to refer to this as the means of grace, where we know His grace always shows up,” says Hendrix. “Hearing the word being preached, fellowship, prayer, receipt of His ordinances or sacraments—those are the basic things that we hold onto as a church and say they’re ours.”



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