Luke Hendrix :: Is the King James Version (KJV) bible the only bible with everything in it?

  • “If there’s going to be an argument, some would say we’ve found other translations but nothing is as dominant as the first—I would not necessarily hold to that,” says Luke Hendrix, Executive Pastor at Imago Dei Community in Portland, OR. The issue has been a controversy for some time as it relates to bibles. Today, publishers own bibles and their translations, meaning each translation may have a different representation of the original language. “The biggest issue comes with the translation of the KJV when it appeared: there since has been more recovery of more manuscripts.” Is the KJV the only acceptable text? “I think the KJV is a great bible, and one you should own and read occasionally. Personally, I like the idea that we would continue to try and translate.”

    Dr. Arnold isn’t the only speaker who’s answered this question…check out what these three speakers had to say:
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