Leroy Barber :: How do you define ‘gentrification’ and ‘redlining’?

  • ‘Gentrification’ is the transformation or process that occurs when wealthy people or people with resources begin moving into low-income communities. “That slowly pushes the poor, or the folks who didn’t have a lot of resources out of that space,” says Leroy Barber, Author, President of Mission Year and CEO of FCS Urban Ministries. Today, gentrification is occurring in downtown areas and city centers.

    “Redlining is an older term that had to do with property values based on race.” The difference between gentrification and redlining is that gentrification isn’t based on race. However, because many downtown areas are heavily populated by African Americans and Latinos, the affects of gentrification are a racial issue.

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    From The Justice Conference 2012.



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