Ken Wytsma :: Is Saturday the real Sabbath?

  • If Jewish custom was to celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday, have we corrupted biblical teaching by worshipping on Sunday? The early church both observed the Jewish custom of the Sabbath and gathered as believers on Sunday, the day after the Sabbath. “They celebrated Sunday as The Lord’s Day; they celebrated Saturday culturally, probably as kosher Jews,” Ken Wytsma, Pastor of Antioch Church in Bend, OR and Founder of The Justice Conference.

    The shift away from Saturday toward Sunday began when the gospel was taken into Greek areas. “The people that are becoming believers aren’t ethnic Jews, with this sense of obligation to observe the Sabbath requirements.” The tradition of worship on Sunday was born as believers continued to meet on Sundays to celebrate The Lord’s Day. “If the Sabbath is a principle, that there’s a day that belongs to the Lord that we give to him…[it] doesn’t matter whether it’s a Saturday or a Sunday.”



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