Ken Wytsma :: Why would God allow rape?

  • “The temptation is to think of God as being very separate, and looking on it very dispassionately,” responds Ken Wytsma, President of Kilns College and Founder of The Justice Conference, “and I think God is there in suffering, He knows suffering and experiences suffering alongside of us.” God’s heart for justice resonates with our own. “If God was going to fix one instance of evil, He would have to fix all of them.” Our question then becomes, why doesn’t God fix everything? “The answer to that is: He will.”

    A part of the messiness that we live in, in this reality, is a continued brokenness. Jesus so radically identifies with the vulnerable, that “Whatever we do to comfort her, having been the victim of rape, we’re doing it as if we were comforting Jesus himself.” As a spiritual discipline, we are the hands and feet of Jesus, as He tries to bring healing to a broken creation and bear their pain. “There are no easy answers. There is only the need for love and God’s calling for us to love.”




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