Ken Wytsma :: Giving Money to Churches vs. Non-profits

  • Our views on giving and where we ought to tithe have changed over time. “Giving money directly to non-profit organizations that help the needy is seen as a more viable thing than tithing or giving to a church,” says Ken Wytsma, Founder of The Justice Conference and Pastor of Antioch Church in Bend, OR. In Scripture, giving is divided into two categories: (1) Firstfruits and Tithing, which is giving the first 10% of your income to the temple, priests or church, and (2) Generosity and Surplus, which is giving what remains of your income to relieving suffering and filling needs. Our culture tends to merge the two categories, which causes us to choose where to give based on what our money will be spent on. “We need to see it as two separate issues that are both valid, biblical and important.”

    When we begin to see all giving as equal, we begin to think that tithing or giving to church is in competition with giving to justice organizations and non-profits. “When we begin to do that, we miss the theology that says the church is God’s Plan A to redeem society, to fix and heal a broken world.”



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