Keith Wright & Nathan George :: Are $/day estimates true, and is poverty as bad as it is portrayed?

  • “It is not $2 a day as spent in rural Kenya,” says Nathan George, Founder of Trade As One. “That is the level of poverty you would experience here in Oregon on $2 a day – and not able to dumpster dive.” Poverty is so far-removed from American understanding that we can begin to mistakenly think that extreme poverty is overstated by the media and sensationalized. The truth is the opposite. “You have to smell $1/day for that level of depravity to touch you. You have to climb over the condoms and the needles and the feces in the slum and see the kids running around cutting their bare feet on this stuff…and hold the hand of some woman dying from HIV because she caught it from her husband to appreciate the depths of the robbing of the imago dei that goes on as a result of extreme poverty.”



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