Josh Butler Panel :: How do I talk to my missionary relatives about valuing justice over evangelism?

  • “I wouldn’t have a whole lot of hope,” says Brian, a member of Josh Butler’s Panel at The Justice Conference 2012. But most missionaries that intend to pursue converts in the third world realize very quickly the dire need for justice and relief and jump in to serve. “They learn on their own. They can’t deny that lesson.” It can be difficult to persuade someone that evangelism alone is not a complete picture of true mission work; sometimes people simply have to learn that on their own.

    “What is the goal?” asks Josh Butler, Pastor of Mission at Imago Dei Community in Portland. The goal even of a ministry whose sole focus is evangelism ought to be an indigenous church community, led by the local population. Planting a local church requires helping and healing and empowering local people, rather than proselytizing them and ignoring their needs.

    From The Justice Conference 2012.



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