H. Wayne House :: What is the extent of free will?

  • Our idea of free will may not be as ‘free’ as we think it is. “Every decision you make in life is impacted by any number of other things: where you were born, who reared you, what you studied, what you read, who influenced you, what happened in your life,” says Dr. H. Wayne House, Author, Theologian and Bible Scholar. “Every decision of God is made unencumbered by anything other than God. Every decision I make is encumbered by hundreds of thousands of possibilities.” When we talk about ‘free will,’ have to realize that God’s definition of ‘free’ is much broader than ours. “When he made a decision he made a decision because it’s the right decision based on him being all wise.”

    “If by free we mean that I can always have the power of contrary choice, then I don’t think that’s necessarily true.” After making a decision, it may seem to us that we were capable of choosing the opposite of what we actually chose. But we are only free within our personal makeup, not within our personal desires. “I have freedom that’s consistent with what I am, not freedom that’s consistent with what I want.”

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