H. Wayne House :: The Most Difficult Bible Passage

  • “I think the numbers in the Old Testament are probably some of the greatest problems we have,” says Dr. H. Wayne House, Author, Theologian and Bible Scholar. For instance, the Bible says the Israelites had 600,000 fighting men when they left Egypt. But at the height of the Roman Empire, the Roman army was less than 150,000 men. “You’re going to bring into this little sliver of land that’s not as big as Rhode Island 600,000 fighting soldiers to conquer this little bitty group of people? That’s a problem to me.”

    One of the proposed explanations for the numerical problems in the Old Testament is the practice in the ancient world of exaggerating in order to emphasize a point. “I don’t know if I have the solution, but I think that’s probably what it is: it’s a point of exaggeration for the purpose of emphasis.”

    Read references to the 600,000 fighting men in Exodus 12:37 and Numbers 11:21



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