H.D. Weddel :: Has technology in U.S. education fallen behind?

  • “We’re not competing against people in our own city, in our own country, but against the world,” says H.D. Weddel, High School Principal and Chaplain of the Oregon State University Football Team.

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    Part of the reason we often worry that our education system is behind is that we hear our test scores are lower than those in other countries. However, in the U.S. we educate every student, while not every country across the globe educates all its children. “If we took our brightest kids against other people’s brightest kids, I’ll go toe to toe with those people any day,”

    In the end, one of the negative aspects of recent technology is its dampening, digitizing effect on relationships. “Are we falling behind in technology? I think we’re falling behind in building relationships.” One of the critical roles primary education plays is teaching children how to relate to each other, and relationships are at a far greater risk of falling behind than technology in today’s classroom.



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