Clint Arnold :: King James Only (answering those who believe in the King James Version alone)

  • “The church [existed] for hundreds of years, where the common version of the bible was the Latin Vulgate,” says Dr. Clint Arnold, Chair of New Testament Studies at Talbot Theological Seminary and current President of the Evangelical Theological Society. “By asserting King James only, are we saying that people – for centuries – did not have the word of God? […] What are we saying about other countries that don’t speak English?” The King James is only one English translation of the Bible from one time period, and we have to be careful not to be ‘era-centric’ or ethno-centric in the way we evaluate translations.

    Dr. Arnold isn’t the only speaker who’s answered this question…check out what these three speakers had to say:
    • Ken Wytsma
    • Dr. Daniel Wallace
    • Luke Hendrix



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