Cyprien Nkiriyumwami :: What role can the global church play in ending violence in Africa?

  • A major cause of the conflicts in Africa is the needs and policies of the global community. “We find that multi-nationals that come to extract minerals…fuel conflicts by giving money to militias,” says Cyprien Nkiriyumwami, Director for World Relief in Africa. “The church could stand up and [be a] voice against such things.” The Congo has been exploited, invaded and served as a theater for countless wars and conflicts. The global church has a singularly privileged role to cross international lines and talk about global issues. Finally, the church can encourage discouraged leaders. Over time, local leaders lose hope, and the global church has a vital role to play in keeping hope alive, “even after war and genocide…after anything. You are the church of God.”

    From The Justice Conference 2012.



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