Redux University – Creation Vs. Evolution

  • The Creation/Evolution debate is one of the most controversial issues in the church today. We’ve recently had three different speakers field questions on creation. They come from three very different fields of inquiry and have three distinct views on Genesis 1, the interpretation of the Hebrew word yom, scientific evidence and evolutionary theory, and all three of them gave very humble, balanced answers about how they see the issue and why they believe what they believe. See more from Redux University here.

    Rick Gerhardt is a Raptor Biologist and Christian Apologist at Kilns College. Eleonore Stump is a renowned Author and Christian Philosopher at Saint Louis University. H. Wayne House is an Author, Theologian and Bible Scholar at Faith Evangelical Seminary.

    Rick Gerhardt :: Is a six day creation scientifically plausible?
    “There’s overwhelming evidence from astronomy, physics, even basic chemistry, let alone geology and paleontology, that all of creation didn’t happen 6,000 years ago in six 24 hour periods,” says Rick Gerhardt, Biologist and Christian Apologist. Despite the recent popularity of six day creation, it doesn’t make a whole lot of biblical sense when you look at the way the Hebrew word for day is used in Genesis 1. “We need to quit teaching our young people that Christianity stands or falls upon proving that the universe was created 6,000 years ago in six of our days.”

    Eleonore Stump :: Creation vs. Evolution
    “If you’re an orthodox Christian, this is what you believe: every statement in scripture is true… [and] all truth is God’s,” says Dr. Eleonore Stump, Philosopher, Author and Professor at Saint Louis University. The problem is, what do we do when it seems like scientific truth and biblical truth are incompatible? “Here’s one thing you could do: you could say to yourself, ‘Okay, I’m not an expert in either the science in question or the biblical interpretation in question.’” We need to learn to be humble in our views and stop hating and attacking people that disagree with us.

    H. Wayne House :: Are Genesis 1 and 2 a literal creation account?
    “Genesis 1 is not poetry. It is a quasi prose,” says Dr. H. Wayne House, Author, Theologian and Bible Scholar. “I think that yom is a day, a 24 hour solar day.” That could mean that (1) the 24-hour days were consecutive, making up one six day week or (2) that there were an unknown number of days between each of the six 24-hour creative periods, allowing for long eons between the creative days. “Either one of those are consistent with the word yom.”



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