Celestin Musekura :: How do you define ‘Ubuntu’?

  • “’Ubuntu’ literally, in my mother tongue, means grace,” says Dr. Celestin Musekura, President and Founder of African Leadership And Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM, Inc.), as well as a co-founder of the Sudan Evangelical Alliance. Ubuntu philosophy is that “I am because you are,” as opposed to the European philosophy that “I am because I am.” “Ubuntu philosophy says if I am going to be human, I must accept the humanity of the other person.” Promoted by Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, it requires that we see a perpetrator as a human being, even if they are guilty of something terrible. “If I maintain his humanity, and I maintain my humanity, then I see a hope that maybe tomorrow we can sit together.”

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    From The Justice Conference 2012.



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