Brett Kunkle :: Do Christians bear the burden of proof?

  • How do we respond if someone is questioning our beliefs and demands evidence for what we believe? Is it fair for them to do that? “The way that the burden of proof works is that the person who makes a claim generally has the burden of proof,” says Brett Kunkle, Student Impact Director at Stand to Reason. “We make claims.” However, everyone has beliefs of their own, and the burden of proof is also on the other person for their beliefs. “Ask me why I believe what I believe, but I can also turn those tables and your views are fair game as well.”

    “Atheists have tried to redefine atheism in a way that doesn’t give them the burden of proof.” Rather than defining the claim of atheism as “there is no god,” they define it as a lack of belief in god, which is simply a statement about what they believe, not a claim about reality.



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