Brett Kunkle :: Are deceptions that seem harmless (like Santa Claus) bad for my kids?

  • “There’s a distinction I make between deception and lying,” says Brett Kunkle, Student Impact Director at Stand to Reason. “I would define lying as an unjustified deception, but I think there are justified deceptions.” Hiding to play a joke on a friend and faking out an opponent in a basketball game are both examples of justified deception. The Europeans who hid Jews from the Nazi regime during World War II were all committing justified deceptions. When it comes Santa Claus, not everyone is going to have the same opinion. “Everyone’s going to take a different approach to this.” In Brett’s family, his dad is Santa Claus until his kids ask him if Santa Claus is real. “Whenever they ask us a serious question, we tell them the truth.”



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