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    According to analytics, Redux videos are loaded over 11,900 times a week.

    Redux covers a wide variety of topics :: justice, marriage, parenting, spiritual growth, science, philosophy and more, and our audience is just as wide and varied.

    Redux is driven by the internet and especially by social media, so our viewership is primarily computer savvy, social media connected Christians, with a few curious non-believers and agnostics.

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    What is Redux?

    Redux is Latin for “brought back or restored,” and its purpose is to restore questions and dialogue to our Christian conversation. Redux is a collection of Q&A sessions with some of the most brilliant Christian leaders of our time. Find answers to questions on every contemporary topic from justice to church to marriage to the Bible.

    Why Redux?

    The mistake we often make is to believe that questions lead us further away from truth. Therefore, questions are bad. But questions can facilitate greater understanding, expose errors and lead us closer to truth. Questions – if answered well – are good.

    About is a fully searchable site with topical links, speaker bios, and resources for pastors, small group leaders and youth leaders to help them use redux videos and series in their bible studies, messages and devotionals. was specifically designed to connect leaders, students and seekers to the content as quickly and smoothly as possible.

    What’s more, it allows viewers to continue dialoguing with each other by commenting and liking, and it allows them to join the Redux conversation directly by asking followup questions or submitting entirely new ones.